Normally, when we provision an OpenShift cluster using openshift-installer, we are able to export the configuration files and define any additional configuration before invoking the create cluster command.

It is also possible to do the same thing when provisioning through RHACM by defining a custom manifests configmap that contains the additional resource to add in the OpenShift deployment.

In this article, we will be provisioning a cluster with the featureSet IPv6DualStackNoUpgrade enabled.

Here, we define a configmap in the namespace fgt . This is the same namespace where we will create our clusterdeployment manifests.

2. We update the clusterdeployment manifest to reference the configmap.

With RedHat Advance Cluster Management 2.1/2.2 it is possible to provision OpenShift clusters through an http proxy by using mutatingwebhook to update the proxy settings in the provisioning jobs.

One way to accomplish this is to deploy the podpreset webhook controller ( It will be assumed that you have configured cluster-wide http proxy in the OpenShift cluster already.

STEP 1: Follow the 6 steps listed in the blog post, to deploy the webhook controller.

STEP 2: Then define the following podpreset configuration.

kind: PodPreset
name: hive-job-provision
- name: HTTP_PROXY
value: "http://[fd2e:6f44:51d8::134]:3128"…

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